Supporting Ambulance
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The cost of an ambulance may be paid for from several sources, and this will depend on the type of service being provided, by whom, and possibly who to.

  • Government funded service – The full or the majority of the cost of the ambulance is borne by the local, regional, or UK government (through their normal taxation). Such as London Ambulance Service.
  • Privately funded service – The ambulance is paid for by the patient themselves, or through their insurance company. This may be at the point of care (i.e. payment or guarantee must be made before treatment or transport), although this may be an issue with critically injured patients, unable to provide such details, or via a system of billing later on. Such as Health Care.
  • Charity funded service – Ambulances may be provided free of charge to patients by a charity, although donations may be sought for services received Such as St John Ambulance - the UK's leading first aid charity.
  • Hospital funded service – Hospitals may provide the ambulances free of charge, on the condition that patients use the hospital's services (which they may have to pay for). Such as King's College Hospital.

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