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Welcome to Ambulance Support UK. We support the London Ambulance Service, St John Ambulance and the APAP - The Association of Professional Ambulance Personnel. Ambulances can be grouped into types depending on whether or not they transport patients, and under what conditions. In some cases, ambulances may fulfil more than one function (such as combining emergency ambulance care with patient transport). Our support services include charity activities, Health Care and Health Advice & Information.

  • Emergency ambulance – The most common type of ambulance, which provide care to patients with an acute illness or injury. These can be road-going vans, boats, helicopters, fixed-wing aircrafts (known as air ambulances) or even converted vehicles such as golf carts.
  • Patient transport ambulance – A vehicle, which has the job of transporting patients to, from or between places of medical treatment, such as hospital or dialysiscenter, for non-urgent care. These can be vans, buses or other vehicles.
  • Response unit – Also known as a fly-car, which is a vehicle which is used to reach an acutely ill patient quickly, and provide on scene care, but lacks the capacity to transport the patient from the scene. Response units may be backed up by an emergency ambulance which can transport the patient, or may deal with the problem on scene, with no requirement for a transport ambulance. These can be a wide variety of vehicles, from standard cars, to modified vans, motorcycles, pedal cycles, quad bikes or horses. These units can function as a vehicle for officers or supervisors (similar to a fire chief's vehicle, but for ambulance services).

The site is open to all, but is designed specifically to provide information for all U.K. NHS Ambulance Staff regarding the current activities of the Ambulance Service , and to provide a readily accessible database of information of particular interest to ambulance staff.

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